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Monday, February 26, 2007

Currywurst @ Frankfurt, Germany

Was in transit in Frankfurt, Germany on my way to Romania, after a long flight (without much sleep), I was died tried needed some food and hot drink to keep me await for the next leg of the journey.
In Frankfurt airport, I ordered a Currywurst. Interesting, I was just reading about this food on my monthly National Geographic Magazine before my trip - it is written that the Currywurst is a mus-try local disk. So there I were looking at this normal looking sausage with a normal looking red ketchup sauce. Unsure if I had ordered the wrong food (I were thinking of a more curry like sauce), I gave it a try. Mmm.... A pretty interesting taste for the sauce, it is a mixed of curry flavor with ketchup. Not bad.
Maybe you will want to try a Currywurst when you are in Germany ^^

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