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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania

(Background) 26 Feb 07, SL, Chris and I are on a business trip to Romania for something like an exchange program. This is the first time I am going to Europe. ^^

H., the EMEA Ops manager, very kindly arrange a city tour of Bucharest for the EMEA folks and us.

We visited the Palace of Parliament which is the second biggest building in the world (first being the Pentagon, US). The building is huge beyond my comprehension. It is totally made in Romania with materials brought in from all over the country. (btw, it is so huge - it is still in construction) The guided tour took 45 minutes and we are just covering 4-5% of the whole building. o.O

Palace of Parliament
One of the Halls
(NOTE: Real gold threads are used for the curtains)Center of Building
Some Titles Shows the Floor Plan of that Level

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