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Monday, March 05, 2007

Romania Day 3: Brasov, Back to Bucharest

Today was our last day on the beauifuly Romania mountains. We are saying farewells to our lovely host - Marcella. Tour Brasov before making our way back to Bucharest, drop the ladies, return the car (NOTE: Car rental is VERY VERY expensive) and had dinner back at hotel.

Chris will be leaving on an early morning flight the next day, while SL and I in the afternoon.

BIG thanks to Razvan and Anna!!! You are the BEST! i am sure the trip would not be as fun without you.

Marcella's own line of children clothing which are all hand sewn
Farewell Marcella and The Country HotelMarketplace in Brasov (Note: the flowers are enchanting) Brasov's main shopping streets leading to the town square
There are houses in the alleys of the shopping streets
Brasov Town Square
A Orthodox Church around the Town Square
(Orthodox Catholic is the main religion in Romania)
The Black Church, Brasov, Romanoa
On our way back to Bucharest
(Traffic jam due to car accident on an one lane road)
Checked in back to Phoenicia Grand Hotel, Bucharest
Nice Italian dinner @ Restaurante Trattori

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