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Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Birthday 28D!!!!!

I will like to send my warmest birthday greetings to a great buddy out there - 28D!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Well, officially it is HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY.... since the actual day was 28 Jun.

My birthday greetings to you will be....
May you have great health.
May you get more techy gadgets!

Stay true to yourself and go for what you believed in. ^^

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

MS Password Protected Bra

Hahaha... who says girls aint tech savy? :P

It always puzzled me why they allow sexual elements on TV but not in ADs :/ Ain't it the same content? Talking about double standards.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Free DVD Rentals Delivered to You!

I was reading up the papers today.
There is this lift out for the "Great Singapore Sales 2007 - Part 3"
I hit upon a real, good deal! There is Singapore online DVD rental company and they are giving away 30-days unlimited DVD rentals trail period for FREE!

Okie. So it works like this:
  • Go to the HollywoodClicks Site (
  • Sign up for the trial and key in the promo code ("HP1MSM") for a 30 days trial, else I think you only get a 10-days trial
  • Browse through their catelog which have a pretty impressive collections of whatever DVDs you can think of (comedies, actions, drama, animation, series, etc etc)
  • Mark your interest on up to 50 DVDs in your Movie Queue
  • You can then prioritize the DVDs
  • They will call you to verify your address (tell them you got the promo code from the GSS07 paper)
  • Once they have 3 of your nominated DVDs, they will mail it to you
  • You watched it, then you mail back and wait for your next 3
  • Simple as that
  • They pretty fast too! I registered today and I am getting my first 3 DVDs mailed today. Though they are not my first 3 choices

Btw, I am getting:

  • Casino Royale
  • I'm A Cyborg, But That's Ok (Korean)
  • Thank You for Smoking (I always wanted to watch this)

So I am hoping to get the DVDs on Saturday and watching them for the weekend. Mail them back and wait for the next 3 :D I hope to get "200 Pounds Beauty" soon.


Monday, June 18, 2007

New Toy - Dopod 810

On Sunday, I finally let go of my Sony Ericsson W800i which had been with me for near to 2 years. Did not go for the trade in option, as it really sucks. I got the phone for about SGD700+ then, its trade in worth now is 100 >.<

Dopod 810 - a PDA phone, along with a 2-years cooporate plan (really worth it), still playing around with it. Pretty happy with it so far, it has tonnes of cool features (even an in-built GPS!). Now I can have my Outlook calendar with me, and not trying to blast my head wondering when my next meeting is. :P

However, the purchase with the Green Star didn't really went too well. Firstly, the advertised promotion - Free Travel Kit, Home Theatre System and 1GB miniSD, is something like a hoax. All outlets do not have stock for 1GB miniSD and we will need to wait for 2 weeks - how dare they put it on the newspapers when they do not have stock! Secondly, the set that gave me has 1 CD missing. I call the customer support today and gave them a piece of my mind. I probably need to go down to collect again after they call back. DARN IT!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Viv!

Hello Birthday Girl!
Last night was really fun. It is really hilarious to see Ch. singing, I am looking forward to the YouTube opening of the clip.
Great to catch up with the guys again.
Stay fun, wacky and live happy!
And don't wake up too soon, I hate to see you fainting after you see the state of the place.. -_-;


p.s. remember to send me the photo of the "SpiderBear" :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Americans are Stupid - Proven?

You have heard it before...
  • Amercians are stupid
  • Americans are in the world of their own

We might have just found the proof for it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Can I Fit In?

Man, you really have to be impressed with the Japanese. They are so original. This wacky gameshow when the contestants try to fit through the shapes on the moving block is so funny. Hahah :D

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Guide to Office Politics

When you are at work, Have you wondered . . .
  • why the top management seems to be so clueless about everything?
  • why are there useless people at work?
  • how do they survive?
  • why do they still keep these useless people?
  • does the manager really need the work he/she ask you to do?
  • why worked so much and earn so little?
  • why your co-worker work so little and earn so much?
  • etc, etc

Welcome to the wonderful corporate world of warring office politics and (mostly) idiots.

Check out my new idol, he is Dilbert.

If you are as clueless as I am about what is going on at work, pick up this book, sit back, relax, have a laugh while you are studying the Dilbert art of office.

P.S. I borrowed the book from the 4th floor of Bishan Library. Reviews found here.

P.P.S. I really need to find the other Dilbert books, if you have it give me an email/ping.

Excerpt from the book

Monday, June 11, 2007

1 Year on the Dark Side, the Client Side

1 year in my current company. Had been clearing leave since last Friday, since I cannot bring them over to the next contract term. Some of my thoughts:

  • Client side does not have much differences. You still work with someone, you still work for someone. Work in the end is still work
  • People here are not as happening and fun as in the agency
  • Surprised that processes are not well defined in a well known MNC
  • Red tapes are everywhere - 2 weeks for GO LIVE, how stupid is that?
  • Finally understood "gtg need to catch the shuttle" - being located at such an ulu place, you will rot if you try to venture via public transport
  • Different countries do have different styles of working

One thing I do not like is the last minute renewal of contract, today is the last day of my contract, yet, my boss only discussed with me about it last Wednesday! I do understand that he is busy and the HR screwed up. But I do not it is fair for employees, especially for us contractors, we are left in a limbo, whether to move on or not. It also portray an impression that you are not valued.

Sometimes, I wonder if I made the right move, afterall B does pay better, have better benefits and I am more like "a big fish in a small pool" rather than "a small fish in a big pool".

Looking back, I do have better exposure and travel opportunities (Hey, Romania - not many companies can beat that), I am taking on more complex projects (for better or worse) and having this entry on the CV will surely help. So yeah, no regrets.

Let's look forward to a better year ahead! ^^

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Building a Civilization - Tigris n Euphrates

Ah Fu and his bro (FC) came over to my place for a boardgaming session. We are trying out Tigris n Euphrates.

The title placing game is about building up your civilization by gathering points the 4 corner stones of your empire.

Since we are all beginners at this game, we tool quite a long time to warm up to it. In the end, we only played 1 game - lasting 3.5 hours. It was fun, but the game ended in a 3-way tie which sucks - I meant 3.5hours later but no winner -_-

The game will probably be better if it is played with 4 players, which will speed up the pace of the game. Overall, a great game.

p.s. Tigris n Euphrates is the 2nd in ranking on BoardgameGeek Website.


Rz and I were talking discussing about blogs on Wednesday.
Well, the reasons I do not have a blog or why they do not survive long with me:

  • too lazy to update
  • it will probably end up with one too many typos
  • it will probably be left to waste after 2 entries
  • and when I feel like blogging again, I probably forgot the username/password

Then, we came upon the idea of photo blogging. Well, the idea seems workable to me, after all, I do not need to write much just uplod photos right?
So I am giving it a try and see how it goes :)

First, I aim to backlog my travels this year.