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Monday, June 11, 2007

1 Year on the Dark Side, the Client Side

1 year in my current company. Had been clearing leave since last Friday, since I cannot bring them over to the next contract term. Some of my thoughts:

  • Client side does not have much differences. You still work with someone, you still work for someone. Work in the end is still work
  • People here are not as happening and fun as in the agency
  • Surprised that processes are not well defined in a well known MNC
  • Red tapes are everywhere - 2 weeks for GO LIVE, how stupid is that?
  • Finally understood "gtg need to catch the shuttle" - being located at such an ulu place, you will rot if you try to venture via public transport
  • Different countries do have different styles of working

One thing I do not like is the last minute renewal of contract, today is the last day of my contract, yet, my boss only discussed with me about it last Wednesday! I do understand that he is busy and the HR screwed up. But I do not it is fair for employees, especially for us contractors, we are left in a limbo, whether to move on or not. It also portray an impression that you are not valued.

Sometimes, I wonder if I made the right move, afterall B does pay better, have better benefits and I am more like "a big fish in a small pool" rather than "a small fish in a big pool".

Looking back, I do have better exposure and travel opportunities (Hey, Romania - not many companies can beat that), I am taking on more complex projects (for better or worse) and having this entry on the CV will surely help. So yeah, no regrets.

Let's look forward to a better year ahead! ^^

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