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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Building a Civilization - Tigris n Euphrates

Ah Fu and his bro (FC) came over to my place for a boardgaming session. We are trying out Tigris n Euphrates.

The title placing game is about building up your civilization by gathering points the 4 corner stones of your empire.

Since we are all beginners at this game, we tool quite a long time to warm up to it. In the end, we only played 1 game - lasting 3.5 hours. It was fun, but the game ended in a 3-way tie which sucks - I meant 3.5hours later but no winner -_-

The game will probably be better if it is played with 4 players, which will speed up the pace of the game. Overall, a great game.

p.s. Tigris n Euphrates is the 2nd in ranking on BoardgameGeek Website.

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