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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Free DVD Rentals Delivered to You!

I was reading up the papers today.
There is this lift out for the "Great Singapore Sales 2007 - Part 3"
I hit upon a real, good deal! There is Singapore online DVD rental company and they are giving away 30-days unlimited DVD rentals trail period for FREE!

Okie. So it works like this:
  • Go to the HollywoodClicks Site (
  • Sign up for the trial and key in the promo code ("HP1MSM") for a 30 days trial, else I think you only get a 10-days trial
  • Browse through their catelog which have a pretty impressive collections of whatever DVDs you can think of (comedies, actions, drama, animation, series, etc etc)
  • Mark your interest on up to 50 DVDs in your Movie Queue
  • You can then prioritize the DVDs
  • They will call you to verify your address (tell them you got the promo code from the GSS07 paper)
  • Once they have 3 of your nominated DVDs, they will mail it to you
  • You watched it, then you mail back and wait for your next 3
  • Simple as that
  • They pretty fast too! I registered today and I am getting my first 3 DVDs mailed today. Though they are not my first 3 choices

Btw, I am getting:

  • Casino Royale
  • I'm A Cyborg, But That's Ok (Korean)
  • Thank You for Smoking (I always wanted to watch this)

So I am hoping to get the DVDs on Saturday and watching them for the weekend. Mail them back and wait for the next 3 :D I hope to get "200 Pounds Beauty" soon.



bitchrepublic said...

thank you for smoking is such a good one - i hope you really enjoy it. next one maybe, An Inconvenient Truth :)

L. said...

Thanks, will look out for that one :)