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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Viv!

Hello Birthday Girl!
Last night was really fun. It is really hilarious to see Ch. singing, I am looking forward to the YouTube opening of the clip.
Great to catch up with the guys again.
Stay fun, wacky and live happy!
And don't wake up too soon, I hate to see you fainting after you see the state of the place.. -_-;


p.s. remember to send me the photo of the "SpiderBear" :)


Unknown said...

haha... so much drinks was spilled that I am currently under Ants Attack.

seriously, there are ants EVERYWHERE... inside, outside, on the TV, speakers, you name it.

it was still lotsa fun though. lots of drinks left over... enough for another party

L. said...

Wow... I never know ants link to drink too O_O

Well, we know who is responsible for the spills >.<

Thanks for inviting me to the fun and hope you got the onslaught under control.