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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Romania Day 4: Arc de Trumf, FrankFurt

Last day in Romania, visited the Arc de Trumf in the morning. I am pretty sure a lot of people do not know there is a Arc de Trumf here. Most people probably just know about the one in France. In fact, there are a quite number of places here that are similar to France, from what I heard there is this park/walkway that is model after a famous one in France too.

Decided to take a look at the city of Frankfurt during the 6hr transit there, did some shopping. Got tonnes of Easter Eggs as gifts for the people back in office. ^^

After that, it is home sweet home :)

Buffet Breakfast @ Phoenicia Grand Hotel
Arc de Trumf, Bucharest, Romania
Frankfurt Main Train Station, take this to the city
City of Frankfurt
This Disney-Castle-like tower in the city is actually a Bistro on the first level


Unknown said...

Hey just wondering how did you manage to get out of the international transit airport in Frankfurt? I'll be flying to the UK via Frankfurt and there's a 6-hour transit. Just need some help on getting out of the airport (I spent my 6 hours in the past staring into space)...

L. said...

You just need to use your passport and go out. Do not need to take your baggage or anything.

Unknown said...

Oh I see. Thanks man! (: