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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mayday! Mayday! PC Down! PC Down! A.G.A.I.N.

Last weekend I managed to fix by PC broken down earlier (Mayday! Mayday! PC Down! PC Down!) by installing Windows Vista. I cannot say Vista is great, there is lack of drivers for my mobo, it is sucking the power out of PC and it has the tendency of asking the same question over and over again - pretty stupid. More details on Vista another day. But hey it got my computer up. That is good enough for me, that was.

Little did I know that after 5 days after its resurrection, it died on me again. Last night, I started my PC, it started giving out funny beeps like some futuristic spaceship land, it cannot even boot pass the BIOS test – I know my mobo is gone….

Now you know why they say, happiness is short lived. LIFE SUCKS >.<

Sunday, July 08, 2007

New Toy: Sony DR-BT21G Stereo Bluetooth Headset

After my purchase investment of my cool, new Dopod 810, I have a problem. The bundled handsfree that comes along with it sucks. It looks like some cheapo OEM that come out of a budget factory in China (probably that is exactly what it is). The ear place is too big, the build was rough, reminds me of the earphones that came with the walkman 20 years ago.

Influenced by 28D, I was chatting with 28D on his latest Creative bluetooth set, he got earlier in May. Yes, 28D, you are the cause of the evil little voice in my head that caused me to spend invest on this.

Was shopping in Marine Parade after my colleague's wedding there yesterday, there is a Sony showroom there. Finally, I saw something that fitted what I wanted - a bluetooth headset that allows me to listen to music and answer my mobile totally wirelessly. And the best part of it, it looks like a normal casual headset sans the wires. Being from Sony, the sound quality was great too. Took me a full 5minutes to decide whether to get it or not - I guess from this post you knew what was the decision.

Some cools features:
  • Totally wireless
  • Works as a headphone for music
  • Works as a handsfree set
  • Has 11 hours of playback; 100hours of talk time; 100hours of standby time
  • Looks cool
  • More info here

Okie time to enjoy more cool music on my new toys. ^~

P.S. This toy set me back by 159 bucks.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

[Mastercard] Things on the first date.... Priceless

You guys have to check out this funny version of the Mastercard's Priceless series of TV ads. Really a pity it is not shown here (I dun think it ever will), cause it is as funny as it can get.

Enjoy... ;)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Mayday! Mayday! PC Down! PC Down!

Last Saturday, it was one sad day, my friend - the PC - had been sick.
He kept restarting again and again.

Did some diagnostic tests (spyware scan, virus scan) and gave it some treatments (registry clean up, scan disc) but nothing seems to come up or helped.

I concluded that it is due to some wrong registry settings and/or some mysterious out of the world malicious program invaded my PC.

So I decided it is about time to give it a new start.

On the lazy Sunday afternoon, I got my ass up and did a format of my C: drive. Then it happened. I could not successfully install the Windows (I had done reinstallation a few times). I tried to do the format again, it got worse - I could not even complete the format. After a few tries, I switched my ER tactic. I changed the installation HDD to another but still in vain.

Finally, I gave up for the day. But hey I have not give up yet.

Still I plan to save my PC.... Next operations on the list:
  • Try Windows Vista
  • Try to install by loading SATA drivers
  • Maybe (cross fingers) change the mobo

People out there, any ideas or suggestions how to save my PC? Please leave me a message.