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Monday, July 02, 2007

Mayday! Mayday! PC Down! PC Down!

Last Saturday, it was one sad day, my friend - the PC - had been sick.
He kept restarting again and again.

Did some diagnostic tests (spyware scan, virus scan) and gave it some treatments (registry clean up, scan disc) but nothing seems to come up or helped.

I concluded that it is due to some wrong registry settings and/or some mysterious out of the world malicious program invaded my PC.

So I decided it is about time to give it a new start.

On the lazy Sunday afternoon, I got my ass up and did a format of my C: drive. Then it happened. I could not successfully install the Windows (I had done reinstallation a few times). I tried to do the format again, it got worse - I could not even complete the format. After a few tries, I switched my ER tactic. I changed the installation HDD to another but still in vain.

Finally, I gave up for the day. But hey I have not give up yet.

Still I plan to save my PC.... Next operations on the list:
  • Try Windows Vista
  • Try to install by loading SATA drivers
  • Maybe (cross fingers) change the mobo

People out there, any ideas or suggestions how to save my PC? Please leave me a message.


purrfectz said...

hmm... get a Hewlett Packard laptop? it reinvents wat!

L. said...


Okie... firstly, I am not a fan of laptops.

secondly, I am a techy nerd.. I need to have a self assembled PC to reflect my status :P

JY said...


Get a mac lah...

sins said...

haha jy has joined the mac side liao...

L. said...

jy is a 2-face double agent...
using pc at home but promoting mac :P