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Sunday, July 08, 2007

New Toy: Sony DR-BT21G Stereo Bluetooth Headset

After my purchase investment of my cool, new Dopod 810, I have a problem. The bundled handsfree that comes along with it sucks. It looks like some cheapo OEM that come out of a budget factory in China (probably that is exactly what it is). The ear place is too big, the build was rough, reminds me of the earphones that came with the walkman 20 years ago.

Influenced by 28D, I was chatting with 28D on his latest Creative bluetooth set, he got earlier in May. Yes, 28D, you are the cause of the evil little voice in my head that caused me to spend invest on this.

Was shopping in Marine Parade after my colleague's wedding there yesterday, there is a Sony showroom there. Finally, I saw something that fitted what I wanted - a bluetooth headset that allows me to listen to music and answer my mobile totally wirelessly. And the best part of it, it looks like a normal casual headset sans the wires. Being from Sony, the sound quality was great too. Took me a full 5minutes to decide whether to get it or not - I guess from this post you knew what was the decision.

Some cools features:
  • Totally wireless
  • Works as a headphone for music
  • Works as a handsfree set
  • Has 11 hours of playback; 100hours of talk time; 100hours of standby time
  • Looks cool
  • More info here

Okie time to enjoy more cool music on my new toys. ^~

P.S. This toy set me back by 159 bucks.


JY said...

dun say till like that leh ...haha...
i was sharing with you good stuff okie!!
i like sharing information haha....

i like the foldable feature of that headset...

coolz....whats up next? :D

L. said...

Okie... OKie lah.
I should thank you for sharing with me then and helping me to find the right "investment".

I think you should change your mobile :P

JY said...

no no....
i still would stick to my hp..till death do us apart!!

dun even attempt to separate us...ahha

L. said...

it's only a matter of time :P

L. said...

The Sony DR-BT21G Stereo Bluetooth Headset fair pretty well in terms of battery life and the quality of sound. It works well with my Dopod D810 PDA phone. One thing I like about this is all the controls are designed into the headset without further extensions - I can't answer incoming calls, adjust volume, skip through the music track, all without taking out my mobile and messing with its control.

However, once in blue moon, I will get this problem of the music cutting off. My guess it is due to other interferring signals. If that happened, just reconnect and sync the headset with your mobile.