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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sex on the Drip

Sex on the Drip: A greenish alcoholic cocktail served in a IV drip hung on a drip stand @ The Clinic (NOTE: Tasted like cough syrup and cost SGD50)

L. high with Sex on the Drip

My army buddy Alan comes back for a visit from Holland. Met up to catch up last night. The gang had super big bowls of Ramen @ Waraku in Central for dinner, then chilled out @ The Clinic with kinky hospital deco (tell me a more suitable place for a bunch of medics?). Have a great time. Good to know everyone is doing well in their lives. Cya soon again, Alan!

Holland Boy being attended by Medic Fu

The Medics (from top left, clockwise - L., Robin, Meng Fei, Alan, Ah Fu, Zhiwei)

Address: The Cannery at Clarke Quay
Phone: +65 6887 3733 (Reservations)
Directions: How to Get There?
Age Limit: Guys 23+, Ladies 18+
Website: The Clinic, Aurum

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random Acts of Management

"Conversely, if you act randomly, reorganizing for no particular reason, promoting idiots, merging unrelated businesses, spinning off a few divisions - that looks like leadership. It's leadership for the simple that your employees never would have made those changes on their own. Later, when something lucky happens, you can take credit. If nothing lucky happens, call it a transition period"
- Creator of Dilbert (my idol), Scott Adams

Now that is what I call truth and wisdom.

Check out my comments on Goodreads. Enough said, you can find the book - Random Acts Of Management:A Dilbert Book by Scott Adams - in our local library, call sign - 658.00207 ADA

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Green Efficiency

13 Aug 07 - Preparation
Period: 7.30AM - 6.30PM
Store - 1 hour
Lunch - 1 hour
Stone - 9 hours
Efficiency = 2 / 11 = 18.18%

17 Aug 07 - Drawing of Mobile Fantasy Getai
Attempt 1:
Draw 3, 2 Down
Efficiency = 1/3 = 33.33%
Attempt 2:
Draw 3, 1 Down
Efficiency = 2/3 = 66.66%
Overall Efficiency = 3/6 = 50%

Based on these facts, we have efficiency levels of 50% or less on both time/resource management and store logistics. I seriously think we need to do something about the situation...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Green Logistics

I have always wondered how the huge annual budget (from our faithful and loyal taxpayers no less) to the MoD is spent.

Till this day, they give no clear indications for that. During the annual budgeting session, our DM asked for more budget almost every year, but gave no clear indications on why... Just the standard answers like, "our security is important" :/
I meant isn't that always true? If so, why more budget this year?

Nevertheless, I do trust them, thus giving them a benefit of a doubt, I will safely presume that all the money is well spent. After all, these are probably sensitive and classified stuff, which average folks like me will not know.

One thing I am sure they DID NOT enough spend on is logistics. Recently, I have to put on my green uniform and go back for my rightful duties. The green uniform, by the way, has this magical effect where it can undo the evolution progress achieved by humans (I believe my IQ decrease by at least 20 when I wear it), turning us into slow, mindless zombies awaiting for the next command. But that is not that main point of this post, I will leave that to another day. Back to logistics, the night before I report in, I checked online to double confirm on the location, it wrote clearly - K camp. Cool... fine.... I know that place. The next morning, I was all geared up, woke up darn early and took a bus to K Camp. I waiting there for like 1 hour, I started to figure out that something is wrong for a simple reason - there isn't anyone else around! Lucky, I met another friend who was also there. After walking around aimlessly in vain around the camp for 30min and making several calls, we finally figured out that they got the place stated wrongly. It is at NS camp instead and we have to drag our sorry asses over. A total waste of time.

How on earth could our self-proclaimed 3rd Gen organization, world class force make such a mistake? I hope that they can improve in the area of logistics and coordination. After all, what good is it in having all the best equipment in the world, when you cannot properly deploy it, right?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Control Their Minds . . .

Ever wished you have the power to control people's mind and make them do what you want?
Maybe get them to serve you or maybe get the latest HP lappy for you.

The answer is here...

(remember to check out the videos)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Heavy Cursor

Check out this site...
A wonderfully done Flash application, you will see your mouse cursor being carried around by a group of Japanese in white underwear! (HOT!)

Try this: After moving your cursor around, stop... and see what one of the buggers do :D