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Saturday, September 15, 2007

First Photo Outing Sentosa

Finally, after getting my Panasonic Lumix FZ50 for almost 6 months, I finally took it for my first photo outing! Went to get a Sentosa Islander Card for a one year free entry into Sentosa and off we go! Seems like I need to learn a lot of the camera and photography, in summary, I sucked big time for it -__-

Weather: Cloudy (is it because Cloudywind came along?)
Partners in Crime: Cloudywind (aka Cloudywind), ST, Wei Yuen, Ching Chong
Meeting Point: Beach Station
Time: Rendezvous @ 0915

WARNING: The photos below are by a total amateur, they may cause minor discomfort to the eye if looked in too detailed.

Tourism Academy

From ST -
L. relax one corner
(Note: I think I saw a similar photo somewhere - eyes JY)


JY said...

pulau ubin that time hehe

L. said...

Haha... you remembered...
Seems like this is my best pose...
So many like to take photo in this pose -__-;€€