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Monday, September 03, 2007

Ratatouille (Rat-a-too-tee)

Ratatouille: French.A traditional French Provençal stewed vegetable dish. The dish, originating in Nice, is fully named ratatouille niçoise.

A heart warming, funny animation movie on a rat's journey to fulfill his dream of being a cook. Telling us that everyone can realize our dreams.

Be sure to be in and seated on time, there is a short bonus clip, "LIFTED", which screens before show. It is darn funny.

A classic, this is the best show I had watched this year.

Ironic as it sounded, I wish there will not be sequel, I want it to remain as it is in my memory.

Entertainment: 4.5/5
Laughs: 3.5/5 (with LIFTED considered - 4/5)
Story: 4/5
Leaving the cinema with a smile on my face: 5/5 :)
Watched on 1 Sep 07, 7.50, The Cathay, AMK Hub

Doesn't matter you are young, old, kid, adult, gal, boy, I will recommend everyone to watch this . Definitely not to be missed.

Catch the trailers here.

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