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Friday, September 28, 2007

TSR CE Event @ Sentosa

TSR stands for Think, Shoot, Run - teams are given photos hunt and snap the pictures to score points ^^

The Gathering

Strategizing to WIN!

Off we GO!

Behind the Scene 1: Haha Now they are GONE. . .

Behind the Scene 2: We can make Weapons of Mass Destruction

Behind the Scene 3: Go Shopping!

Behind the Scene 4: Stone and Sleep during OFFICE HOURS!

We are BACK!

Bargaining for points: "Come on, 1 more point...."

Song: "We are the CHAMPIONS..."
(AJ, Ai Ling, Sze Ling, Kelvin)

Losers: We better get PROTECTED!

Latest summer release from Sentosa Fashion Week

Mauhahaha... We are ready....

OMG! What happened to me?


TSR CE Event @ Sentosa, 28 Sep 2007

P.S. Special thanks to Cloudywind the main planner of this event. (She is stuck in some Cuppucino place on the other side of the world)


Unknown said...

Cool! Nice photo coverage of the event! Ahhhhhh~ I so wish I was THERE!!!

Anyway I've put up those photos taken for the photohunt at my picasa page!

L. said...

Thanks =D

It's pretty funny. Anyway, you are also enjoying Fish and Chips in US :D