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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Online Shopping Craze! Boardgame Overloaded!

For the past 2 months, I have been indulging in my new hobby to fuel my renewed interest in an old hobby.

NEW: Online Shopping (US sites)
OLD: Boardgame

For the a long time, I had been hoping to get boardgames from US because they are so much cheaper over there, but the cost of shipping and the lack of a chance to visit the county deterred me from it. Till recently, I read more about this shipping service in Singapore, vPost, which provides you with a proxy address in US or Japan and allow you to consolidate your goods and ship them over at a cheaper rate. Cool! (NOTE: this service is most useful for online merchants who provide free domestic shipping and bunky shipments. Combining shipment with friend is a good way to split the cost. For Books and DVDs, you may like to check the prices because vPost charges these by items instead of volumic weight, it may be more it to ship direct from the merchant since they are not that heavy. UOB now have a promo of 12%, so remember to pay with your UOB card and be careful of extra GST cost.)

Okie now let's see my wins for these 2 months:
  1. Saboteur - A simple party game, short with okie fun. (6/10)
  2. Anima: the Shadow of Omega - A Fantasy Role Play card game with artworks to die for, too bad the game play cannot match with its art - too repeatitive (5.5/10)
  3. I'm the Boss - Great fun negotiation game! Must play! (9/10)
  4. Hey! That's my Fish - A simple strategy game with a lot of depth once you start thinking (7/10)
  5. Hive - A great abstract game. It's like chess without boards. Mensa Approved, now you know this will get your brain working (7.5/100)
  6. Shadow Over Camelot - Haven't tried yet. But looks GREAT.
  7. Lord of the Rings - Confrontation : Deluxe Edition - A game for both fans and non-fans of LoTR, needs planning and try to second guessing your opponent's next move
  8. Battlelore - A combination of wargaming, card gaming and strategy. Comes with detailed board and figures. You need to try it yourself! (9/10)
  9. Shogun - A Risk like game, but more complex and better. The unique Battle Tower system will get you holding on to the edge of your seats when the battle starts (8/10)
  10. Vegas Showdown - Haven't tried yet
  11. Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery - Haven't tried yet

Where to buy:
More on boardgames:

These are not really normal boardgames you normally play. If you are interested to play or know more about them leave me a message :D

I should really control my spending on this. B-but there are still so many others to get.. Haha.


purrfectz said...

just curious.. who do u play with?

L. said...

I do have a few groups of friends who plays. We have sorta game pool.

Are or just 2 players, so just with my Bro or cousins ^^

You wanna play? :P

L. said...


Some of the online users have asked about getting Boardgames in Singapore.

So I just comment here for everyone. If you are getting one or two small ones, I will suggest you get it at PI (Mid Point Orchard) or Settlers (39 North Canal Road), shippment from overseas will not be worth it.

However, if you can gather enough orders then shipping may save you quite a lot.

Happy Boardgaming. CHeers!