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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Relative Time

I don't know if this strange phenomenon is experienced by others out there. It will be interesting to know if you had encountered this too. Drop me a comment or email.

Today, I had just experience a case of time disruption. Suddenly, it seems that the time slowed itself to a crawl. I have reasons to believe that New Year BlueS could be part of the cause.

As I was wondering what had caused this. it dawned to me that one of the greatest scientists ever lived is really a genius! Isaac Newton stated in his Law of Motion that there are absolute time and relative time. I will bet my penny that Newton was experiencing this same time disruption phenomenon when he came up with the Law of Motion.

Now, I am not really a physicist, so I am not really sure about this absolute time thingy, but I swear that relative time exist! Probably not in a Newton sense, but more from a psychological aspect. How else could you explain what I had experienced today? Time virtually slowed itself, hours passed like months. And how about what happened to 2007? It practically zoomed faster than a speeding bullet in front of my eyes, and suddenly, I am in 2008 and in office =_=;

I wish someone can invent a "morning after pill" for this feeling. Thank God, time seems to resume to its normal speed after I leave the office.

2 more days to the weekend . . .