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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Monkey Jackson Rulez!

1000% more entertaining than ANY of the whatever idols out there!
I dunno what else to say... just watch it!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What to do on a free evening? S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G!

Was planning to visit my hairstylist in WARS @ Far East Plaza (they are good! endorsed by Ms Purrfect too) this evening, then I remembered that WARS is closed on Tuesday! (this is not the first time, it seems pretty werid that I have this urge to cut my hair on Tuesday)

So with no backup plans and no dinner at home, I started wandering around aimlessly in Vivo and without knowing it, I started my post CNY shopping! (since I din get anything in during the CNY)

First stop, G2000 picked up a "frog mouth" pants. (dun ask me why it's called Frog Mouth - my guess it is the pockets)

Then some greater power guided me to Topman, got 2 long sleeve shirts. (because I can't decide on one >< )

I am always been a sucker for long sleeve shirts but I am too lazy to dress up and also it seems pretty stupid to wear that in the hell-ish weather of Singapore.

I am blaming my shopping spree on SL who gave some coupons (20%-30%). Yes, SL you read it correct - YOUR FAULT!

Anyway, I went home a happy and destressed man! Talking about retail therapy, it actually works! :D

Monday, February 25, 2008

Running on 6th Gear

This week is really really really (really X 10000) fanatic week, AND it is just Monday!

Have you ever felt this happening to you?
All the stars seems aligned, the moon eclipsed, the sun drown in reds and the sky rained down tonnes and tonnes of work on you.

Why dun the sky rain tonnes of cash from my imaginary Toto winnings?

I'm like the Mr Bean's mini running on the would-be F1 track downtown.
Right now, the only thing that kept me going is my coming Japan holidays next week.
(HK is work - part of the reason why I am in the current state, so I discounted it)

Well, hang in there L. ><

Monday, February 18, 2008

Origins of Beijing Olympics 08 Logo

Was surfing around Facebook, came across this interesting comic strip on someone's Wall. Enjoy ^^

Sunday, February 10, 2008

2008 Blog Revamp

Finally, put my a** on the revamp of my blog that had been on my mind for some time.
The previous blog was based on a standard template by Blogger.
The new one was based on a template by a web design company, I changed some of the template codes and widgets. I got to say it looks pretty good.
The colors are striking, I always had this liking for red on black pages. In fact, my first personal page is just that (it is probably somewhere in Geocities or whatever it had became now).

What I need now is to find a photo with a good color contrast to the background.

But for the time being, this is good enough for me :D



Challenge Me on Mahjong & Big2!

As part of the CNY spirit, I am having my usual dose of Mahjong and Big2 supplements to bring forward family and friends bonding to new heights,

This year I chanced upon an communicaty online site,, that lets you play Mahjong and Big2 with a cool, cutesy interface.

The Mahjong interface is similar to the famous TW Mahjong game "Ming Xin San Que Yi" that features Chinese celebraties as players, what's even better better is the Mahjong rules are based on Singapore version!

Big2 is done in the similar interface too. There seems to be skills and powers for you to use, I have not tried that yet, but looks very interesting - makes you think of "God of Gamblers" haha.

In the games, you play for points and experience. The experience is no more than a reflection of how many games you had played. The points are something more interesting, as you win matches, you gather points which are used to buy accessories and customised your "Wawa" (Chinese for doll) - your online avatar.

My Wawa - L (too poor to buy a top)

There are another games available, but these 2 are the most popular. The huge number of local players in there makes the conversations and games more interesting. And I forgot to add, this is FREE! So if you are game enough, come on and challenge me. I am "lawtrash". I'll be waiting....

p.s. remember to add me to your friends list - lawtrash