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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Challenge Me on Mahjong & Big2!

As part of the CNY spirit, I am having my usual dose of Mahjong and Big2 supplements to bring forward family and friends bonding to new heights,

This year I chanced upon an communicaty online site,, that lets you play Mahjong and Big2 with a cool, cutesy interface.

The Mahjong interface is similar to the famous TW Mahjong game "Ming Xin San Que Yi" that features Chinese celebraties as players, what's even better better is the Mahjong rules are based on Singapore version!

Big2 is done in the similar interface too. There seems to be skills and powers for you to use, I have not tried that yet, but looks very interesting - makes you think of "God of Gamblers" haha.

In the games, you play for points and experience. The experience is no more than a reflection of how many games you had played. The points are something more interesting, as you win matches, you gather points which are used to buy accessories and customised your "Wawa" (Chinese for doll) - your online avatar.

My Wawa - L (too poor to buy a top)

There are another games available, but these 2 are the most popular. The huge number of local players in there makes the conversations and games more interesting. And I forgot to add, this is FREE! So if you are game enough, come on and challenge me. I am "lawtrash". I'll be waiting....

p.s. remember to add me to your friends list - lawtrash


purrfectz said...

too poor to buy top... too poor to get hair transplant also? u r botak

L. said...

Sadly, you are right on that...
But hey see closely, I got the monk six-dots thingy on okie :P