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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What to do on a free evening? S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G!

Was planning to visit my hairstylist in WARS @ Far East Plaza (they are good! endorsed by Ms Purrfect too) this evening, then I remembered that WARS is closed on Tuesday! (this is not the first time, it seems pretty werid that I have this urge to cut my hair on Tuesday)

So with no backup plans and no dinner at home, I started wandering around aimlessly in Vivo and without knowing it, I started my post CNY shopping! (since I din get anything in during the CNY)

First stop, G2000 picked up a "frog mouth" pants. (dun ask me why it's called Frog Mouth - my guess it is the pockets)

Then some greater power guided me to Topman, got 2 long sleeve shirts. (because I can't decide on one >< )

I am always been a sucker for long sleeve shirts but I am too lazy to dress up and also it seems pretty stupid to wear that in the hell-ish weather of Singapore.

I am blaming my shopping spree on SL who gave some coupons (20%-30%). Yes, SL you read it correct - YOUR FAULT!

Anyway, I went home a happy and destressed man! Talking about retail therapy, it actually works! :D


purrfectz said...

ooh i totally understand you about retail therapy..
welcome to the club! soon i will invite you to join shopaholic anonymous and we can be buddies :D

L. said...

I will classify you as hardcore, I am more like a bit less than casual :P

Btw, did finish the shopaholic book?

p.s. with us posting like this, I dun think it is called shopaholic anonymous. . .

sins said...

hmm retail therapy...

L. said...

Sins, u wanna try too?
It is effective!
I am doing second round in HK haha..
They have H&M here :D