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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

HK Workshop - Day 1: Work & Seafood

The day of work finally started (well actually, it started yesterday for me), I woke up super early in the morning was down at the cafe @ 7.20AM. It is strange to find no one there, so I just enjoy the peace, having an international breakfast (with a lot of Hong Kong focus) looking out at people doing taichi in the park across. This have a surprising mind calm effect, how long had it been since we last have some time to ourselves, having breakfast at our pace without any distractions. Great start to the morning. ^^ (I later found out that breakfast was catered for in the meeting room - but it was crappy - lucky me!)

The morning session was pretty boring with discussion over mandate stuff. A lot of time was wasted on topics, which I thought could be better prepared and views solicated before the session. To be frank, I think the session generated more questions than the ones it answered. :P

The PM session was a working session on Risk Acceptance Managemet - I was grouped together with my boss ==; Some people are havin problems differentiating between Risk Acceptence and Risk Prevention. I guess that's normal most people see risk management as prevention. But hey the good thing about it, we do get some good ideas on both Risk Acceptance and Prevention.

Now for the most interesting part of the day - GROUP DINNER! We got on a chartered bus and went off to some where off town for HK-styled seafood (the area is 鯉魚門).The by-the-river place has a rustic feel to it with boats on the water, the scene if further enchanted by the beautiful sunset. Led by Chris, we went into the alleys of old shophouses consisting of both shops that sells fresh seafood (yes, I meant it literally, FRESH and ALIVE) and seafood restaurants. The setup in this small village is unique from other seafood places I had been to, here, the restaurants only cooks the dishes, they do not sell seafood. You will to select and buy the seafood from one of the many shops around. The variety available is just mind bogging - from normal snappers to giant lobsters to simply alien looking "pissing prawn". Once you selected your choice of seafood, the store owner will send to the restaurant where you are will be dining for it to be cooked. Cool yeah? It is surely quite an experience, I have a great time checking the different marine creatures around the market out. Ooohh... and the food, it is great too! (btw, the name of our restaurant is 龙门) Fresh without a doubt and tastely too, a different of cooking to the seafood we have in Singapore. Which is better? Each has its plus points.

鯉魚門: The Seafood Village

鯉魚門: Boats & River

One of the many seafood stores

Seafood! (a sample of the choices available)

Alien looking "Pissing Prawn" - I think it has the back of a clayfish and the body of an insect ><

After dinner, some of the folks where to Kowloon to check out night markets. For me, I am heading back to hotel a happy and satified man.

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