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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

HK Workshop - Day 2: Amazing Race HK Island

PM Session

This outdoor teambuilding event organised by Marco and Wayne got to be the highlight of the week, it runs like a mini Amazing Race of HK Island. I felt it was vey well planned, I'm pretty sure a lot of time, effort and thoughts were put into it. Thanks Guys!

We are divided into 4 teams, all teams are given the same tasks and 2 hours to complete them. The first team to finish all the tasks wins! Tasks includes find eating local food at famous shops, shopping for some stuff and taking group photos at iconic places. I told it you right? Mini Amazing Race.

My group consist of Jaz, Horst, Summer, Roshini, Michael. Our tag along judge was Wayne.

The tasks were focused around areas of Central, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay.

Everyone was pretty sporting! We learnt some of the hidden gems in HK - i.e. there is actually a street market across the street from Wan Chai - very local feel, gotta check it out when you are there! And also found out that some of out members have hidden talents - the gals are really good in shopping tasks!

It is really a pity that we came in second.... lost by just a few minutes! It got to be the time in each we were stucked in IFC.

Since I am leaving the group early for my Japan trip, I went around to have my photo party with everyone! Great to see you guys, cya in SG soon!

Here are some photos:

Task 1 - Cookie from Queen's Cake (Causeway Bay) Completed

Task 2 - Group Photo @ IFC - Flag Banners are a must (Central) Completed

Task 3 - Group Photo @ a classic breakup place of HK dramas (Central) Completed

Task 4 - Shopping @ Wan Chai Completed
(Hidden Talent Discovered - Fast Accurate Shopping)

Famous HK Cafe, Pheonix Cafe @ Wan Chai for chicken pie @ Wan Chai
(chk out the queue - the friendly people for letting us cut the queue)

DING DONG - Last task completed by Michael, Jaz & Horst (I like this photo a lot)

MTR (HK's subway) and walking were the only 2 approved mode of transport

THE Team! Okie we were the runner ups.
(From Left Clockwise: Michael, Horst, L., Wayne, Summer, Roshini, Jaz)

Winning Team with their prizes - I suspect it was because Marco gave too much hints :P

All others get a consolation prize - good old traditional "Good Morning" towel!

Photo Party!: (Left Clockwise) L., Horst, Estuko, Summer

Marco, L., Wayne

Chris, L.

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