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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

HK Workshop - Day 2: Towards Enterprise2.0

Okie, I got lazy of writing the blog, so for this entry (and the next few ones) I use a few words and many pictures (Hey, a picture says a thousand words right?)

Today is my session , I had the whole AM session and into afternoon it is around teambuilding and mini version of Amazing Race in Hong Kong island.

AM Session

Back to my session, I teamed up with and a HK colleague (Learning&Training Dept), Alex, to run this session. Me with my nerdy technical background and knowledge of the web, Alex with his innovation thinking sessions. Since we will like the group to take ownership of the projects, we decided to let them do the thinking (hey, works for me too! ^^).

Goes like this:
  • L. intro sessions objective and brief on Web2.0 and Enterprise2.0 ideas and tools
  • A. run some game to get everyone's brain juice pumping
  • Short Break
  • L. show Youtube video "Did you know" to emphasize on the need to change & some discussion topics
  • A. runs briefing of "Bold Step Vision" and "Bold Step Plan"
  • Groups work on Game Plan and Bold Steps
  • Short Break
  • Group Presentation

Alex running the innovation session

Summer and Roshini taking a break

"Did You Video" - stats from US Gov

Brainstorming Time

The Bold Step Vision

Working on Bold Step Plan

Presentation Time

The session was okie. But I felt that the focus had been brought too high level and not all of my objectives had been met.

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