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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Idiot's Guide to Getting Your Girl

From Kineda:
Step 1. Finding Her
Step 2. Standing Out
Step 3. The Chase
Step 4. 9th Inning
Step 5. Lock Down
" - 5 Steps to Getting the Girl of Your Dreams

A interesting, short, goal-oriented step-by-step dating guide, you really gotta love the creative roleplaying by the Lego Starwars characters.

Let's me do a quick self check.... Ooops... I am still on Step 1., I guess there is still some a lot of work to be done XD

Not sure where this guy is based at, but I am pretty sure he is not in Singapore. Either that or I seriously need to look for a better paying job. Look at his date budget - Porsche 997 is considered as "On a Budget"! Haha...

So people how effective will this guide be?

(p.s. RC, now I know how you snagged SL)


sins said...

lol, but you are not alone :P

L. said...

Haha... "You're Not Alone" sounds familiar.. it's a Michael Jackson song yeah?