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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spoils of War - Tokyo Mar 08

Got this cool sneakers from the Adidas store in Harajuku, Tokyo. This is from the Japan only Adidas Originals line. This one is from Porsche Design edition. I like the sleek lines, cool design and the fact that you can't find this in SG. Cost about 14700yen, a bit exp but will worth it.

Porter Mania! : Went Porter crazy for this trip. Porter is known for making super durable bags (Jenius swears by it). Got a brown monogram Header Porter card holder (3,465yen) , a black Porter Office Bag (32,550yen) for myself. A brown Porter Wallet (7,800yen) for my bro. Got the Head Porter from Harajuku shop - I think it is the only place selling Head Porter stuff, a special cross over edition of Japan Porter with other designers. For the rest of the Porter stuff, I got it from Takashimaya in Shinjuku.

TIPS: you can get the coupon from the staff in Takashimaya which gets you 5% discount if u are paying by cash. And then go to the 10 floor for an additonal 5% tax refund when u present your passport! (applicable to most stuffs - I think perfumes and cosmetics are not covered)

NOTE: I heard that Porter has just opened a store in Singapore. Not sure where it is, but I reckon it is cheaper in Japan. Since the Japanese prices are cheaper then stores in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Phiten - My colleague told me it helps to lessen pain and improve health. These made in Japan bracelets and necklaces have a big following in Japan. It is also cheaper in Japan too. I like the ragged look of the necklace, the rubber waterproof bracelets is a pretty good idea too.

Pharmacies in Japan is a must visit, they got all type of cool stuff into there. Things you do not see in other countries. I am a fan of clay for hair styling (my hair do not have much texture and volume), caught this cool looking clay which I do not remember seeing in Singapore, going to give it a try. (Seems like I also got a tub of clay in my 07 JP visit)

My fellow travel mates, Sana and Snoopy highly recommends this for gastric problems (in fact they are carrying tonnes of this back). Understood from them that it is safest to get from Japan since other countries may be selling fakes. Well, I guess no harm having one at home for standby. (found at most pharmacies)

I also try to get a picture for each trip and place I had been to add on my wall. For this trip, I got this wooden charm of Reimon shire from the shire. This for safe travels.

Uniqlo - something like Japan's budget clothing line. They have pretty good designs at great prices. Sometimes they do crossover designs with others. Since my haversack had been hijacked by bro, I reckoned I get myself another one. And the golfer's cap looks pretty neat too.

Kawaii!!!! This cute chick cake has sweet white red-bean paste in them. It is one of the trademark snack to bring back home for gift (another is Tokyo Bananas). I got this at the airport 1050yen for 9 cute chicks. Only one problem, they are too cute to be eaten ><

Others: Finally checked out what is H&M about in Hong Kong, I think they are pretty "Zara"ish but at a better pricing. Not bad, people looking for an alternative and not found in Singapore brand can check it out when you are in Hong Kong. I got like 3 tops from there.

- Happy Shopper sign off.


purrfectz said...

Porter is at wisma atria.. been there for awhile! :D quite cute but expensive I feel..
but then i am more of an Italian branded person! ha ha

L. said...

really? what is the name of the store? Wanna check out the prices :P

ジョセフ said...

yeap it is porter international..only offer very small range of head porter there..porter int'l not so durable...

L. said...

Thanks dude, I had also read online that Poter Int'l is not as good. ;)

U're a Porter fan?