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Saturday, March 22, 2008

World Without Humans

Ever wondered what will happened to the world without us humans?
Will the world be a better place? What will happen to our pets? Or our wonderful legacy of urban landscape and sky reaching buildings?

A new documentary from History Channel - "Life After People" attempts to answer these very interesting questions.

After watching the show, I finally understand nothing last forever. I come to appreciate HDB Service & Conservancy Fee more as the only reason why our buidings are standing this long is due to maintenance, and maybe, I have figured out why HDB flats comes with 99 years leases.

The show runs in a chronological sequence, starting from 6omin after the disappearance of humans... then 1 day, all the way to a whopping 1500 years! It made no explanation on how or why humans disappear, just focus on the topic of this hypothesis, which is good - avoiding the show becoming another sci-fic movie.

The show gives a very interesting insight and exploration of the would-happens. And more importantly give a sense that humans are part of the world, not the world, life still goes on here without us.

Check it out at History Channel or on our ever friendly Youtube.

p.s. I watched the 9-parter YouTube series from frshholygrailzEGO