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Friday, May 23, 2008

Greeting from Crescendo Hell

In case all of you are wondering where on earth did I disappear to and if I had been adducted by alien or something. Well, the good (or bad) news is that I am still around.

I am away for some exercising for the month of May. Just survived my 9D8N free great outward bound camp - no-showering experience included.

It is like living hell here, the day temperature can reach above 40 degrees! We measured the ther day it is 48 degrees at 1PM! It is a miracle that we survived! >.<

Alright. Times almost up. *btw, this entry is from one of the only 3 Internet capable computers here in the canteen shop*


sins said...

It's a miracle that you survived!

purrfectz said...

free sauna lor.. bring some hair treatment and apply go under the sun, your hair surely very shiny after that...

L. said...

going under the sun is the last time on everyone's mind :P