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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Congratz Tammy, Marliha & Crystal

Seems like May 08 was really a good month for ringing the wedding bells. This month we saw 3 of our dear ex-BLUE colleagues ending their singlehood lifes and start creating their happily-ever-after with their loved ones.

Congratz Tammy, Marliha and Crystal!
(sorry Crystal was not able to attend your wedding ><)

We love you. Dun over focus too much on ur husbands and forgot about this batch of friends. :P

I wonder who is next to go.... (for some reasons, despite what she says.... my bet is on Ms Kimchi...)

Will be posting some photos up on my album.


bunnyloves said...
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L. said...

Mmm... who is bunnyloves? private blog some more :o

saffyz said...

I so think so too!