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Saturday, June 14, 2008

MOP asia 2008: IranDiary by Abbas

K & I had the privilege of being in presence of a maestro of photography - Abbas from Magnum Photos (a renowned agency formed by a cooperative of photographers). Abbas is giving a talk on one of his signature projects, the book IranDiary (stunning photos, do check out the book and site). Sharing with us his thoughts and feelings during his cover of the Iran revolution, insights into the world of professional photography and tips on photography. He comes across to me as being a cool, down-to-earth guy with no airs. What one cannot miss from his talk is his passion for photography.

Some quotes from the man himself (I try to quote as close as I could remember it):
  • "A historian of the present", on a photo journalist's responsibility
  • "I see colors in black and white", his take on black and white film photos
  • "Photography is easy, even a baboon can do it"
  • "A photo may appeal to you differently at a different time"
  • "A good pair of shoes and fall in love", his keynote tip on photography
I wish him all the best in current project and a pleasant stay in Singapore.

Abbas, if you are reading this, do feel free to drop me a comment. I will like be in contact and happy to bring you around Singapore :)

The talk is part of the programmes for MOP asia 2008. For full details on the event, go to their site. Will be dropping by The Cathay Gallery for "The Magic of Cinema A Magnum Photos Exhibition" soon.

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