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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Law Plurk-ed

After some online convincing from Ms Saffy's blog, I finally tried my hands on Plurk. Plurk is a pretty interesting web2.0 social site for mini-blogging, presented in a timeline. Your friends can comment and converse on your entries. The app come across to me as cross between Twitter & Friendster's status presented in Microsoft Project's Gantt Chart (sorry profession habit) - a refreshing (thou not unique - Picasa had done it) way of presentation. I am almost wondering if the designer shares the same profession as me :P

What i like about this site:
  • Its quirky toon characters
  • The Karma scoring feature which encourages community growth and discourages spamming
  • The ease of use
  • Integrated contact import
  • Customizable widget (size included)
Check out my lifeline @ Plurk ;)


saffyz said...

and you joined without clicking from my plurk recruitment link?? I could have earned some Karma points know...

L. said...

I did. I did.
But I surfed around before joining :P

sins said...

oops did he a earn bad real life karma :P