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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Catch Ups in Melbourne

Melbourne always have a place in my heart. It is hard to imagine anyone who will not fall in love with the city.

Was in town for a week to help ZY settle down for his studies. It was crazy but we managed to finish it - administrative stuff, house hunting, buy electronic appliances, shop for furniture, fix up furniture, clean the place. I am sort of the tour guide + human GPS, + handyman. The end result? A nice cosy apartment right next to the uni!

Luckily, I'm able to find some time in the evenings to catch up with old friends and colleagues. It's great to see you people (you know who you are), hope to see you in Singapore too! I have durians and super hot hot buffalo wings waiting for you :D

Snoopy & Joice - Yummy Spicy Fish & bubble tea - I thought it is weird to have szechuan food in Mel :/
Beth, Kev & Ash - Awesome family! Thanks for the great pizza and lolli. I miss Lygon (TT)
Poohline - Had Korean with the super durian addict (I actually think she eats more durian than me o.O)
Shirley - Come to Singapore~~~ Stella and I waiting for you and your family here. Good luck with the new place.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Family @ Marina Barrage

A family outing to the Marina Barrage. Probably the last outing of the year before ZY goes to land of Oz for his studies. All the best ZY!

The Marina Barrage is pretty hard to find with all the constructions going on, I totally do not recognize the Marina South where I had enjoyed in my teens.

The place with a great city view is surprisingly quite a number of people at the place, families gatherings, uncles flying stylo-mindo kites, even saw a couple doing their wedding shots there. There is even a free guide tour of the place and an exhibition hall on Singapore's water management. Too bad there are limited eating places and the scenery around is vandalized by the construction background. (it seem that a huge garden is on the way)

I am sure the place will be a top escape from the city when everything is up :)