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Sunday, March 22, 2009

South Ridge Walk

Woke up super early in the morning, meet up with Joe, Leonard and K to check out the South Ridge Walk.

I like old school mailbox

Most Interesting Find - Waving Tree Couple

Vine Canopy



Unknown said...

hi there,

i own a yashica gsn electro 35 , but i was wondering if you know where i could get batteries for this camera. i saw your pics and i really liked them. wish i could do the same for my camera too. please advise me. you could reach me at thanks so much!

L. said...

Hi there Silver, Yashica GSN Electro 35 uses PX32 which is banned (due to environment concerns) and very rare these days. You can use the battery 4LR44 or get 4 X LR44 (those button type very easy to find and tape them together, if you can get SR44 much battery)which is 6v. However, 4LR44 is shorter then PX32, so you will need to do something, either:
1. Find a Spring to buffer the space (cheapest
2. Get one of the battery adaptors form the eBay
3. Send your camera for modification

If you are in Singapore, you can find 4LR44 battery at Mustafa.

Yashica 35E is a beauty! Enjoy your camera!